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About Pedron Caffe'

Pedron Caffè coffee roaster was founded in Padova in 2004, built upon the passion of more than 20 years of dedicated experience of its founder: Massimo Pedron.


Our Coffee

Pedron Caffè blends are characterised by our use of the most precious green coffee origins coming from the most renowned farmers. We import, directly from plantations, coffees with the best characteristics and artisan roast them in our company, fully respecting the environment.

Producer Selection

We only use handpicked coffee cherries, slowly matured and harvested in the shadow between 1100 and 2000 metres above sea level.
With a stronger temperature difference between day and night, the cherries ripen slowly ensuring a sweeter and more complex cup. Our supplies are Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified, respecting fully their environment.


Sample Analysis

Each batch of green coffee is analyzed according to SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) protocols to ensure zero primary defects.
In our own laboratory we also check density and humidity of green coffee.


Every lot we buy is, in turn, roasted in our laboratory to check cup quality.
Tasting is performed by our expert quality graders strictly accoprding to the SCA protocols. Only those lots that exceed 80 points are approved to be part of our blends and single origins.


Our Roaster

The heart of our company is an artisan hot air drum roaster using a time-honoured slow roast process, eye-checked, producing 60 kg batches each time.
Every batch is carefully roasted by our highly experienced Master Roaster and cooled only by air.

Roasting Process

Our coffee is always freshly roasted on demand according to our customers’ needs.
Depending on the customer’s market and the single origins used, we match our Roasting Profile according to different market characteristics or customer requests. Every roasted batch is then subjected to further quality tests in our laboratory where it is tested for colour parameters so ensuring a uniform degree of roasting each and every time.


Degasing and Packaging

This can vary according to the different seasons of our coffee.
For Italian coffee roasting the roasted coffee needs between 7 to 12 days; whereas for lightly roasted coffee only 2 or 3 days. Thereafter, all our roasted coffee is packaged using modern and efficient systems.

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