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Contains All the Following:

1x Metal Tamper (58mm Flat)

1x Rubber Tampering Mat

1x Soft Brush

2x Shot Glasses

1x Cleaning Cloths Set

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Coffee Clean (900g)

1x Digital Timer

1x Presicion Scale

1x Small Yellow Silicone Sleeve Handle (Fits 0.6L Milk Jug)

1x Small Red Sillicone Sleeve Handle (Fits 0.6L Milk Jug)

1x Large Blue Silicone Sleeve Handle (Fits 1L Milk Jug)

1x Large Green Silicone Sleeve Handle Fits 1L Milk Jug)

1x 0.6L Milk Jug

1x 1L Milk Jug

Barista Starting Kit Economy Extra

SKU: BE068